About us

Since founding Olaf Blaauw Consultancy in 2010, Olaf has worked as advisor, program director and 'bonus staff member' for companies, governments, not-for-profits and NGO's, for the sole purpose of bringing about systemic change and help create a safe and just space for mankind. Your specific challenge thus becomes our specific challenge. Together we can build true sustainability.

Currently, a lot of this work takes place in the built environment, regarding both construction and demolition, where our expertise and skills are specific and up to the task.

Olaf Blaauw Consultancy favours a Total Cost of Use approach to the business side of things. We really need to move from "more is better" to 'better is more', placing qualitative development over quantitative growth.

At the end of the day, there are upper limits to what people might want to invest in mitigating measures to right the wrongs of our current systemic practices. The prospect of unleashing circularity's superior earning potential is most likely a more enticing argument for starting our collective journey, today.