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In a fast changing economic landscape, old linear business models are losing their validity as new circular ones appear inspiring, yet often untested. To make sense of it all and seize relevant opportunities, OBC, with its bird’s eye view of The Big Picture, offers the means to this end. We help state and realise your objectives, making full use of the opportunities granted.

OBC offers its services in support of:

  1. -Transition towards the Circular Economy

  2. -IP Valorisation

  3. -(International) Business Development

- (ad interim) Transitional Management

- Scientific Due Diligence


Olaf  Blaauw

Dedicated to leading the change towards the Circular Economy by passionate Example. Globally active,

More than 20 years of experience in international Science and Business.



Science Publishing

Big Pharma & Small Biotech

Contract Research

Project Development

System Thinking and Doing

The Circular Economy


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