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Our linear economy is ultimately untenable and the necessity for change is undisputed. We 'get' the Why, can well imagine the 'What', but are mostly at a loss when it comes to the 'How'.

This is where Olaf Blaauw Consultancy steps in and helps you build a foundation of values and rules to play by, enabling your transitional journey.

Our central principle is that in order to meet and exceed the requirements of our social foundation, whilst staying within our planetary boudaries, employing a circular economy is crucial. The latter is solidly built on the creation of value, and its subsequent preservation for indefinite reuse at its highest value proposition. It's therefore not just a question of physical design, but of information and financial design, just as much.

Olaf Blaauw

Originally trained as a Biologist and Medicinal Chemist, Olaf found his calling as a systems thinker, but prefers to refer to himself as a systems actor. System Transformation is one thing, but without implementation, nothing happens. The ability to transform abstract thought into practical reality is what sets Olaf Blaauw Consultancy apart